Living in Threes

by Judith Tarr
Release date: November 2012
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, young adult

Three lives. Three worlds. Three times. Three young women, past, present, and future, come together to solve an age-old mystery and save a world.

Meredith has the summer all planned. She’ll hang out with her friends, ride her horse, and spend time with her mom, who is recovering from cancer. Then her mom drops a bomb: she’s sending Meredith to Egypt to dig up mummies with her aunt the archaeologist. Meredith doesn’t want to go. At all. But there are more forces at work than a sixteenth-birthday present she doesn’t want and a summer she didn’t plan — and a greater adventure than she could ever have imagined.

Meru lives in a far-future Earth, where disease has been eliminated and humans travel through the stars in living ships. Meru and her friend Yoshi have been accepted into the school for starpilots, but just as they’re about to leave, a strange message from Meru’s mother drives Meru away from her home and family and sends her on a journey to find her mother and save the people of Earth from a terrible plague.

Meritre is a singer in the Temple of Amon in ancient Egypt. Her people have survived a devastating plague, but Meritre is foresighted, and what she sees is terrifying. As she tries to find a magical spell that will keep her family and friends safe, the gods take one last life — and that life, and death, resonate through Meredith and Meru to the end of time.

updated 2013-03-11

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