Bones of the Fair

Darest #2 of 2
by Andrea K. Höst
Bones of the Fair (Darest #2) - Andrea K. Höst N/A

Darest stands on the verge of a Golden Age. The revival of the Rathen line and a blood price won from the Fair has drawn a flood of visitors eager to snatch their share of changing fortune – or at least one of the fabulous prizes offered at the Spring Festival.

Among those coaxed back to the once-failing kingdom is Gentian Calder, daughter of Shapers. Before she can decide whether to risk her life by staying, news arrives to put all other considerations aside. The Atlaran Ambassador and half the heirs of the western kingdoms have disappeared on Darest's border.

Gentian agrees to join the Diamond Coeurveur and his apprentice in a rush to join the search. Will they find the missing? A plot against Darest? Or uncover older secrets, buried deep?


"Bones of the Fair" is set in the same world as "Champion of the Rose". It can be read as a stand alone novel, but it's recommended that you start with "Champion".

Also known as Champion of the Rose Book 2.

Category: Fantasy

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Release date November 2013
Details updated May 28, 2022

Darest :: Series

Series contains 2 primary works and has 2 total works.

Champion of the Rose (Darest #1) N/A
Bones of the Fair (Darest #2) N/A