Werewolf Rising
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Werewolf Rising

by R. L. LaFevers
Release date: 2006
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: horror, young adult

Luc Grayson is just like any other boy. He's about to turn thirteen and his body is changing. All too suddenly, he finds himself becoming faster, stronger, more aggressive. But unlike his classmates, Luc is increasingly troubled by nightmares and strange urges. Then a stranger appears in the home Luc has shared with his Aunt Jane and Uncle Stephen since his parents died when he was three. The mysterious man claims he has come to take Luc back to his father's people. Luc is about to learn a thrilling and terrifying truth: like his ancestors, he is a shape-shifter, and on his thirteen birthday he will change form for the first time. Under the full moon, his bones and muscles will stretch, he'll drop to all fours, his mouth and nose will become a pointed muzzle with lethal fangs, and thick fur will sprout through his skin. He will become a wolf. Luc is dazzled by his new powers, and he realizes he has longed for the sense of family his new-found relatives - his pack - provide. But Luc has brought danger to his new community. His uncle Stephen hates and fears the shape-shifters, and now that they have taken Luc, he'll stop at nothing to see them wiped out. It will take all of Luc's abilities - wolf and human - to save his pack, and himself.
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