The First Dragoneer

by M. R. Mathias
Release date: 2010
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy

A novella.

The First Dragoneer is an intro to the Dragoneer Saga. I wrote it in 2009, before I could consider myself a writer. The characters are young, but the story wasn't written to be YA. Many reviewers believe it, and the rest of the Dragoneer Saga, is. In fantasy, I don't really think it matters all that much. The Royal Dragoneers, the first full length novel in the series, is just 2.99 for a limited time.

If you like dragons, action, and adventure, you may enjoy these books. I definately enjoyed bringing them to fruition.

Hold on to your dragon! - M. R. Mathias

The First Dragoneer

When two young men go on a hunt that they know will probably be the last hunt of their youth, they decide they want it to be an unforgettable outting.

When they cross a ridge and leave the unprotected, unpatrolled boundary of their kingdom, they find a cavern that looks like it needs to be explored.

Inside the cavern they find exactly what they were looking for. For residing in the darkened depths of this stoney hole is something that they will never forget......

That is, if they live long enough to remember it!

Snippet: His words abruptly stopped as a new sound carried toward them. It was a snort, a loud one. It was accompanied by the sound of rattling branches. Brendly instantly went back into firing position; alert, prone and ready.

March gave his nose a last second scratch as put his arrow to the string. The soft sound of Bren's excited breathing was the last sound he heard before tuning the world out so that he could focus on the tree line.

First it was a small doe, a yearling, March thought. Two fawns, and another larger doe appeared. With nervous darting eyes, the biggest of the four deer lowered its head and began to drink. Slowly the others followed. March was thrilled. He hoped that Bren would be patient. A buck was sure to present itself eventually.

Bren almost loosed his arrow on the larger doe, but at the last second thought better of it. He wanted a buck to show off to his dad, but his restraint was mostly due to the two awkward moving young fawns frolicking near their mother.

Suddenly, all four of the deer rose from the pool and froze in alarm. In a flash of movement, a big cracking sound erupted from behind them. They were off in a series of leaping bounds that carried them instantly out of sight and back into the forest.

Here he comes, March thought. He expected a wide heavy rack of antlers to emerge from the trees, announcing the leader of the herd. Instead, the creature that showed itself nearly stopped his heart.

As silently as he could, Brendly took in a deep breath as the magnificent beast stepped out of the tree line. Cautiously, yet with an air of arrogance, it moved into the clearing and looked around.

It was the white stag...

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