The Adventurion

by M. R. Mathias
Release date: 2010
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

When Fizz and Rodger, two twelve year old boys, get caught up in a DTB (Direct To Brain) virtual reality experiment they are thrust into the Advanced Technology Gaming company server where virtual worlds are created for video games, and military training units. Trying to get away, they manage to find their way out of the server into the surreal Ethernet where websites and online game worlds actually exist. A wild and thrilling adventure ensues as the boys fight (and think) their way through several virtual worlds to find an elusive "Extraction Point".

A dangerous World War II game scape, an online dragon hunt, and a gripping space battle on the Starship Parallax are but a few the thrills they find.

Along the way Rodger makes a habit of lying and smarting off which causes him to be taken captive by ethereal aliens. Fizz is forced to try and save the day in a climax that will have even the adult readers curling their toes and cheering him on.

updated 2013-04-04

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