by Ally Blue
Release date: 2011
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, romance

No one survives unchanged.

"Mother Earth, Book 3"

When the Carwin Tribe Pack lost Rabbit, a little bit of Lynx died along with his Brother. Their feelings went far beyond the Pack bond. The ensuing years have never erased his sorrow, only dulled the edges.

Kidnapped during a desperate mission to save Carwin, Lynx awakens to a completely foreign civilization where slaves and masters exist in a unique symbiotic relationship. And to a face he never expected to see again Rabbit. Yet Lynx s shock and joy are tempered by the changes in his lover.

The Pack s strength lies in love, sex and a brotherhood forged from a lifetime of living and fighting side by side. Rabbit s seeming acceptance of his lot as a slave makes Lynx wonder if he s lost his soul mate forever and if he can trust Rabbit with knowledge of his plan to escape.

As Lynx learns to navigate the complex hierarchies of Queen City, he begins to realize all is not as it seems. He finds he can t simply take Rabbit and run, leaving an entire city to a grisly fate. Even if it costs him the one bond closest to his heart the love he and Rabbit still share.

Warning: This book contains Lynx-napping, futuristic farming, eavesdropping (minus the eaves), daring escapes, bloody battles, and Pack sex.

(updated 2013-04-07)

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