B2 (Time Change #2) - Alex Myers 10.00   1

Jack Riggs is Back

Book Two of the "Time Change" Series. Jack Riggs is back in 1857, and the SAC is out for blood. They have already killed to get their way. While Jack tries to stop the Civil War from happening, they are willing to murder hundreds of people to make sure that it goes forward.

Kidnapped x 2

No matter how Jack feels about the politics, the SAC have kidnapped two of his closest friends, and he won't give up the fight until they're safe. Three menacing adversaries stand in his way, and they're willing give their lives to snuff out his.

Miles the Giant is the hired muscle with a vendetta; he thinks Jack killed his brother. Winston Creed, the disfigured figurehead of the SAC, hates the North so deeply that he feels the only answer is war. The biggest threat of all is Abner Adkins, the lawyer for the SAC and ex-husband of Jack's girlfriend. He doesn't like to lose, has never done so before, and he's not about to start.

They Call Themselves Copperheads and Fire-eaters

The SAC's disturbing, bizarre plans are revealed, but Jack and his amazing inventions, his band of friends, and his commitment might not be enough to stop them

Ripples Are Rippling

Jack's actions in 1857 change the past irrevocably, as well as change the future - and some of the repercussions will circle around to affect him directly in ways he couldn't have fathomed.

Also known as The Jump Book 2.

Category: Science Fiction

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Release date March 2013
Details updated May 31, 2022

Time Change :: Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

The Jump (Time Change #1) 9.50   2
B2 (Time Change #2) 10.00   1
The Way Back (Time Change #3) N/A

Community Reviews & Rates

J.L. Dobias
69 ratings
59 reviews
2 posts
May 30, 2013
10 / 10

Time Change Book Two:B2 by Alex Myers Book one of this set has the most infuriating beginning and ending. The beginning is like a preface or such called Before and the last chapter 54 could as well be called after. Those two are tidbits of tantalizing information that really don't play much part in the rest of book one. They don't really seem to figure into book two either. Since there will likely be a book three it seems that those two will be the most infuriating part of book 2 also. Perhaps we'll see some closure in book 3. The only thing I'm willing to bet at this point is that at least two players in this story-probably 3 play somewhere in those parts and play parts within the whole. To figure this out you'll have to read these. Presently this set of books is going to standout next to To say nothing of the dog by Connie Willis as my favorite of time travel novels. Jack Riggs is somewhat a ladies man or maybe Lothario, a playboy. In a seeming fluke of fate, while arguing with his latest soon to be ex-girlfriend, Jack is sent back in time. There is a tremendous storm that causes a horrible vehicle crash. Jack wakes up somewhere beyond a hundred and fifty years in the past- well before the civil war takes place. After some few misadventure Jack comes to the conclusion that he was sent back to stop the civil war. To do so he begins to re-design history by trying to bring technology closer to all of the technology that he now misses so greatly. Using the resources in his telephone-before it dies- he begins that task. In book one we saw a lot of history as it was and met a few of the more influential people of the time. In book two we will see the permutation of the past that will create a new future. So far that future hasn't solved the civil war problem. In some ways it almost seems there are other forces out there that may also be taking advantage not just of him but of time travel- though this is mostly my guess at this point. As it goes- Jack is fighting mostly an organization which is dedicated to arming the south with some much advanced war technologies. Frances Sanger-the love of Jacks new life- Samuel Clemens and their friend Kazmar Sevenski have been kidnapped and it will take all of Jack's knowledge and connections and a bit of bravery to save the day. When Kady Barnett,the daughter of one of Jacks rivals, Ken Barnett, gets into the picture; will Jack fall into his old habits despite his avowed love for Frances? Is Frances truly being held by her evil ex-husband,Abner Adkins, or has she gone back to him? This has all the earmarks of a romance except that there is way more strife than happily ever after. The good news is there will be a book three some time. Maybe there is hope for the romance. Jack, in book one, tried to save the life of one well known person and found it difficult to achieve since the man died of other causes in about the same time. This time we see some die before their time. The changes he makes are affecting the future, but will they be enough to stop the war? This novel quickly has us wondering; is this a story about changing the past and future or about changing Jack. If you like Time Travel stories with a bit of tampering in the past to create a better future and a wide mystery that has yet to be solved you will love this book. Recommended to Sci-Fi Fantasy Steam-Punk Alternate future-past-histories. We're probably going to have to keep a watch out so that some of this altered history doesn't leak accidentally into the Wiki-sphere. J.L. Dobias