The APOCs Virus

Alex Myers
science fiction, thriller
The APOCs Virus - Alex Myers

Retired army rangers Ethan Bell and Bill McCullough are as different as two best friends can be. People are dying around them and their special talents are needed. Ethan has to be pushed. Bill goes willingly. Another man fights to save his wife from the plague. Two out of the three become contaminated with the virus.

A struggling pharmaceutical company cuts corners and creates the cross species jump of the simian immunodeficiency virus spawning Aids in humans and a worldwide epidemic. Years later and now part of the multibillion-dollar big pharma machine, they are still trying to fix their original mistake and the problem is turning into a pandemic. The US government has been fully aware every step of the way and now folks are dying.


Instead of mindless zombies the man-made virus creates a cluster of near-perfect, unstoppable savages. They are virtually the urban dead, infected, contagious and attacking and choosing their victims a la carte.

Brian Speakes was the Executive Officer of the USS Michigan and then he was infected. Speakes changed into something non-human and deadly. He also changed his name to Abaddon and wants people to believe he’s the Antichrist. Televangelist Ira Swanson has found a hideous psychopath touting the ending of the world is really good for business.

There are only two ways to stop them — one kills and the other cures.

A fast-paced medical horror-thriller where corporate greed rules and the government must stop a deadly threat to the populace before another page of Revelation is written.

Apocs hits hard and fast, clean and clear, right through to its rock ’n’ roll climax.

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Release date: 2012
Genres: science fiction, thriller
Updated: July 02, 2022
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