Perfection Unleashed (Double Helix #1) - Jade Kerrion

Two men, one face. One man seeks to embrace destiny, the other to escape it.

Danyael Sabre spent sixteen years clawing out of the ruins of his childhood and finally has everything he wanted - a career, a home, and a trusted friend. To hold on to them, he keeps his head down and plays by the rules. An alpha empath, he is powerful in a world transformed by the Genetic Revolution, yet his experience has taught him to avoid attention.

When the perfect human being, Galahad, escapes from Pioneer Laboratories, the illusory peace between humans and their derivatives - the in vitros, clones, and mutants - collapses into social upheaval. The abominations, deformed and distorted mirrors of humanity, created unintentionally in Pioneer Lab's search for perfection, descend upon Washington D.C. The first era of the Genetic Revolution was peaceful. The second is headed for open war.

Although the genetic future of the human race pivots on Galahad, Danyael does not feel compelled to get involved and risk his cover of anonymity, until he finds out that the perfect human being looks just like him.

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Release date: 2012
Genres: science fiction
Average rating: 9.50/10
Total ratings: 2
Updated: August 18, 2021

Double Helix :: Series

Perfection Unleashed (Double Helix #1)
Perfect Betrayal (Double Helix #2)
Perfect Weapon (Double Helix #3)


10/10 |
April 08, 2013
Perfection Unleashed- A Double Helix Novel by Jade Kerrion. Might be considered YA and Science Fiction- It's also pretty good story telling. I recently started twittering- the doctor said that if I ignore it it will go away. It was to trace some ...