Nine Inch Bride: Conundrum

by Anonym
Nine Inch Bride: Conundrum - Anonym 8.00   1

"There's an intelligent and chatty familiarity with the inner workings of the financial community, the military-corporate complex, politics, and terrorism - with 'inside' glimpses of the hidden machinations behind them all."

"Begins with a riot of imaginative storytelling where non-fiction thought leaders leave off ? Noam Chomsky & Chris Hedges come to mind."

"...masterful... something in the manner of Faulkner's early novels and James Joyce's later ones."

In this timely and hard-hitting political fiction we meet Ken, a young Wall Street analyst thrown out of work in a major market crash, facing financial and emotional ruin in Empire City, the private corporation Manhattan has become some decades in the future. As high strung Ken spirals down, battling and succumbing to desperation and despair, he is rescued by a uniquely talented young woman with a dedicated revolutionary agenda. Together they form a most extraordinary partnership in a mission to change the world.

Sahar, or Sa for short, is the individual's individual in many ways, with talents that enable her to spy on the machinations of the world's richest and most powerful. Living wild and free on a wilderness estate has transformed her into a fiercely independent athlete and warrior, while the Net, a future amalgam of current technologies, has made her a sophisticated seductress and dissembler, living virtual lives online in the wider world.

Written mostly in the form of riotous dialogue among a highly unusual cast of characters, this is the wry, symbolic tale of a consummate revolutionary bent on co-opting Wall Street to transform the world. The present and future, real and unreal fuel a seriously entertaining bonfire of corporate political culture in America.

"My feeling on the last page was: Wow, everyone should have to read this!"

Category: Science Fiction

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Release date 2012
Details updated July 6, 2022

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J.L. Dobias
69 ratings
59 reviews
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May 7, 2013
8 / 10

Nine Inch Bride (Conundrum)by Anonym Can be just that at times, a Conundrum. There are some high points and it certainly is entertaining. The value of that entertainment might easily be measured by the fact that I finished it. There is a serious amount of exposition here and I hope that the sequel helps justify the need for it. The Story begins with Ken our protagonist a wall street wizard of sorts who finds himself swept up with all the rest during a recent crash that has cost him his meager fortune and his job. The first half of the book brings him from his prideful beginnings to his darkest depths of despair. He loses his respect his girl and almost his life. In steps Sahar through a bit of serendipity coincidence she comes into his life to save him from-- himself. She has a lot more faith in Ken then even the reader does at this point. What holds the readers attention up to this point is a strange patchwork of Purplish prose that on the literary end might mirror some things I've seen in Ken Kesey and Thomas Wolf. We receive a rather colorful view of the big city, the workings of wall-street, and this near future world that the author builds around the narrative of the collapsing ego of Ken. Sahar brings him back to life and into the readers head with a rather lengthy exposition about her rise to obscure fame and riches that will inevitably be able to help him regain himself. The exposition all took several re-reads to fully grasp what she was saying. Yep she often bordered on going way over my head. It is all intriguing. I'm anxiously awaiting the sequel.