The Book of Shadows (Nightshade Chronicles #1) - Stan Nicholls 6.00   1
Nightshade was once the best warrior in Delgarvo. But defeat at the hands of the evil sorcerer, Avoch Dar, left him without his sword arm. Now Avoch Dar has returned and intends to lay Delgarvo to waste. Only Nightshade can stop him. But what use is a one-armed hero against such powerful sorcery?
Category: Fantasy

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Release date 1996
Details updated August 31, 2022

Nightshade Chronicles :: Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

The Book of Shadows (Nightshade Chronicles #1) 6.00   1
The Shadow of the Sorcerer (Nightshade Chronicles #2) 6.00   1

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