Once Upon a Time: New Fairy Tales

Paula Guran
fantasy, anthology
Once Upon a Time: New Fairy Tales - Paula Guran

Edited by Paula Guran.

Eighteen extraordinary authors devise all-new fairy tales: imaginative reinterpretations of the familiar, evocative new myths, speculations beyond the traditional realm of “once upon a time.” Often dark, occasionally humorous, always enthralling, these entertaining stories find a certain Puss in a near-future New York, an empress bargaining with a dragon, a princess turned into a raven, a king’s dancing daughters with powerful secrets, great heroism, terrible villainy, sparks of mischief, and a great deal more. Brilliant dreams and dazzling nightmares with meaning for today and tomorrow...

Contents (alphabetically by author):

  • “The Giant In Repose” by Nathan Ballingrud
  • “Eat Me, Drink Me, Love Me” by Christopher Barzak
  • “Tales That Fairies Tell” by Richard Bowes
  • “Warrior Dreams” by Cinda Williams Chima
  • “Blanchefleur” by Theodora Goss
  • “The Road of Needles” by Caitlín R. Kiernan
  • “Below the Sun Beneath” by Tanith Lee
  • “The Coin of Heart’s Desire” by Yoon Ha Lee
  • “Sleeping Beauty of Elista” by Ekaterina Sedia
  • “Egg” by Priya Sharma
  • “Lupine” by Nisi Shawl
  • “Castle of Masks” by Cory Skerry
  • “Flight” by Angela Slatter
  • “The Lenten Rose” by Genevieve Valentine
  • “The Hush of Feathers, the Clamour of Wings” by A.C. Wise
  • “Born and Bread” by Kaaron Warren
  • “The Mirror Tells All” by Erzebet YellowBoy
  • “The Spinning Wheel’s Tale” by Jane Yolen
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Release date: September 30, 2013
Genres: fantasy, anthology
Updated: August 16, 2021