The Shadow of the Sorcerer

by Stan Nicholls
The Shadow of the Sorcerer (Nightshade Chronicles #2) - Stan Nicholls 6.00   1

The foul sorcerer Avoch-Dar has escaped, taking the Book of Shadows with him. Once he has unlocked the Book's mysteries he will become invincible. But Avoch-Dar has left behind his enchanted crystal – could this be the key to his own destruction? Nightshade is determined to find out.

Category: Fantasy

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Release date 1997
Details updated August 27, 2022

Nightshade Chronicles :: Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

The Book of Shadows (Nightshade Chronicles #1) 6.00   1
The Shadow of the Sorcerer (Nightshade Chronicles #2) 6.00   1

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