A Hymn to Gods Long Dead

by Anthony Ryan
Release date: 2012
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

A novella.

The Slab. A vast orbiting slum where sweat falls in rain and the gene-spliced come in all shapes and sizes. Inspector Alex McLeod, recently suspended for excessive force and nurturing a growing addiction to bourbon, has been reduced to tending bar when an improbably beautiful vampire comes to him with a bizarre theory: there's a killer on the Slab, a killer with a liking for recreating ancient myth, in bloody and spectacular fashion. But who exactly is this vampire, and how does she know so much? And what kind of killer can walk through security systems without a trace, leaving deadly traps for those hunting him?

A Hymn to Gods Long Dead is a novella forming third story in the Slab City Blues series. Each story can be read in isolation.

updated 2013-04-17

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