Weapons of Magical Destruction

by Stan Nicholls
Weapons of Magical Destruction (Orcs: Bad Blood #1) - Stan Nicholls N/A
The long-awaited return of the Internationally bestselling publishing phenomenon.

The original Orcs trilogy ended with Stryke and his band of Orcs finding the ancestral Orc home hidden in another dimension. Orcs Bad Blood will tell the story of their hectic adventures in the other dimensions as they attempt to find peace for their race and escape the ever greedy, savage expansion of mankind.

Fast moving, tongue-in-cheek and full of sorcery and bloodshed these are the perfect reads for the fantasy reader who wants a little fresh perspective on the endless war between good and evil.

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Release date December 3, 2008
Details updated August 31, 2022

Orcs: Bad Blood :: Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

Orcs: Bad Blood is a sequel trilogy to Orcs: First Blood.

Main series The Orcs Domain

Weapons of Magical Destruction (Orcs: Bad Blood #1) N/A
Army of Shadows (Orcs: Bad Blood #2) N/A
Inferno (Orcs: Bad Blood #3) N/A