Army of Shadows

by Stan Nicholls
Army of Shadows (Orcs: Bad Blood #2) - Stan Nicholls N/A
Fantasy's favourite anti-heroes are back with a new bestselling series!

Stryke and the Wolverines returned in 2008 in ORCS BAD BLOOD 1: WEAPONS OF MAGICAL DESTRUCTION, taking their quest to save the Orc race from both man and the sorceress Jennesta across the dimensions.

Now they are back in another volume of frenetic action, nail-biting adventure and black humour.

Orcs warband the Wolverines are stranded in a parallel world. Their only means of escape, the mysterious instrumentalities, have been seized by their nemesis, the depraved sorceress Jennesta. But regaining the artefacts is only one of their problems. To ignite an uprising in the face of ruthless human oppressors commanding magic, Stryke and his band must reawaken the lost martial spirit of the world's indigenous orcs.

You'll never look at an Orc again in the same way.

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Release date October 5, 2009
Details updated August 28, 2022

Orcs: Bad Blood :: Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

Orcs: Bad Blood is a sequel trilogy to Orcs: First Blood.

Main series The Orcs Domain

Weapons of Magical Destruction (Orcs: Bad Blood #1) N/A
Army of Shadows (Orcs: Bad Blood #2) N/A
Inferno (Orcs: Bad Blood #3) N/A