The Very Best of Tad Williams

Tad Williams
science fiction, fantasy, short stories
The Very Best of Tad Williams - Tad Williams

Cover art by Kerem Beyit.

This career retrospective from one of the most-beloved authors in the fantasy genre is essential for fans of his internationally bestselling series novels (Otherland; Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn).

Tad Williams has achieved success in multiple genres and forms, whether in epic fantasy, urban fantasy, science fiction, or young adult fiction. Readers only familiar with his masterpieces such as The Dragonbone Chair and Tailchaser’s Song will be delighted to discover that in his short fiction, Williams has been able to explore myriad new possibilities and adventures.

Previously collected in multi-author anthologies and limited hardcover editions, these superlative tales of dragons, super-soldiers, wizards, cyberpunks, heroes, and fools, are now available together for the first time in an affordable trade paperback edition. These stories showcase the exhilarating breadth of Williams’ imagination, in stories hearkening to the tales of such classic fantasists as J. R. R. Tolkien, Robert Jordan, Ray Bradbury, and Peter S. Beagle. Included is an original tale written specifically for this volume.

The Very Best of Tad Williams is a true delight to those who have imagined themselves in fantastic worlds beyond the everyday and mundane.


  • The Old Scale Game
  • The Storm Door
  • The Stranger's Hands
  • Child of an Ancient City
  • The Boy Detective of Oz
  • Three Duets for Virgin and Nosehorn
  • Diary of a Dragon
  • Not with a Whimper, Either
  • Some Thoughts Re: Dark Destroyer
  • Z is for...
  • Monsieur Vergalant's Canard
  • The Stuff that Dreams Are Made Of
  • A Fish Between Three Friends
  • Every Fuzzy Beast of the Earth, Every Pink Fowl of the Air
  • A Stark and Wormy Knight
  • Black Sunshine
  • And Ministers of Grace
  • Omnitron, What Ho!
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Release date: May 8, 2014
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, short stories
Updated: January 16, 2017