Emotional Chemistry

Simon A. Forward
science fiction
Emotional Chemistry (Doctor Who: EDA #66) - Simon A. Forward

Doctor Who is a renegade Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. The Time Lords are an immensely powerful race, so named because they were the first to discover how to travel freely through time and space. Bored with his life on Gallifrey, the Doctor steals his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) and sets off to explore the universe. He believes passionately in truth and justice, and finds himself getting involved wherever he finds evil and malevolence - which is everywhere!

1812: The Vishenkov household, along with the rest of Moscow, faces the advance of Napoleon Bonaparte. At their heart is the radiant Dusha, a source of inspiration - and more besides - for them all. But family friend, Captain Padorin, is acting like a man possessed - by the Devil!

2024: Fitz is under interrogation regarding a burglary and fire at the Kremlin. The Doctor has disappeared in the flames. Colonel Bugayev is investigating a spate of antique thefts on top of which he now has a time-travel mystery to unravel.

5000: Lord General Razum Kinzhal is ready to set in motion the final stages of a world war. More than the enemy, his fellow generals of the Icelandic Alliance fear what such a man might do in peacetime.

What can bridge these disparate events in time? Love will find a way. But the Doctor must find a better alternative. Before love sets the world on fire.

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Release date: 2003
Genres: science fiction
Tags: doctor who
Updated: August 26, 2021

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