Lord Horror #9 (Lord Horror #9) - John Coulthart, David Britton, Kris Guidio

Script by David Britton. Art by John Coulthart and Kris Guidio. Cover by Coulthart.

A Savoy Metempsychosis Production.


Reverbstorm 2 — The Land of Love-It-To-Death.

'...listen: there's a hell of a good universe next door; let's go'

- e e cummings, pity this busy monster manunkind

Weirdness abounds: Horror spits insects and Death Queen Blue Blaze Laudanum is revealed, unleashing the Ether Jumpers. The Lord of Fuck Off plays Rock'n'Roll Radio; graphic sex with groupies follows. Humpty-Dumpty takes a photograph.


A comic born under the Bad Sign of Papa Oom Mow Mow, the Rock 'n' Roll Finnegans Wake. The cover, a John Coulthart collage giving the glorious Miss M. the Andy Warhol treatment, reflects the content within, a patchwork of scenes introducing new characters and exploring directly the relationship of Rock'n'Roll with sex and violence. Lord Horror masquerades as Gene Vincent and the sounds of Be-Bop-A-Lula thunder out over Torenbürgen's nightmare towers. Britton's text piece in this issue will raise the eyebrows (not to say other parts) of any Joyce scholars who happen upon it. The Bird is the Word! Dit, Dit, Dit!


"Mr Britton asks us to stare into the sun with him. Some of us do and, after winding our way through the tortuous labyrinth of western philosophy, rhetoric, political, artistic and scientific theory expounded in the text, we finally confront the minotaur at the centre, crouched atop a pile of human skulls and recognise ourselves with a sudden jarring shock." - D M MITCHELL, Rapid Eye 2 (1995 edition)

"Savoy flay and mock the cherished values of the Disestablishment... If it be admitted that this is a genuinely vicious body of work, it is at least one which attempts real violations or real contemporary norms, and not just the usual tepid pantomimes of rebellion... Coulthart's dark, clogged artwork is superb... The sheer darkness of Savoy's anti-heroes is true to humanity and to history in a way which other recent work fails to be." - ANDY ROBERTSON, Interzone

"A rollercoaster ride to the end of our collective night, a delirious, erotic and unbridled display of literary savagery and artistic terrorism." - D M MITCHELL, Rapid Eye 2 (1995 edition)

"I have not seen in many a long series of months — or years — the kind of continued dedication to the punctilious and meticulous pen and ink work put on board by your artist. It's a striking example of the need to create and the desire to shock the sensibilities of an audience with a phantasmic subject linked to a febrile and phantasmagorical talent." - BURNE HOGARTH

"There is no clear-cut political code or ethical interpretation, because Savoy is leading us, as usual, into frighteningly unfamiliar territory... yet (in Reverbstorm) there is a strong misleading and dangerous element now present in the seductive form of rock'n'roll." - D M MITCHELL, Rapid Eye 2 (1995 edition)

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Release date: 1994
Genres: horror, comics
Updated: August 24, 2021

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