Timescape - Gregory Benford

Winner of the 1980 Nebula Award, Timescape has since become a classic of the science finction genre, combining hard science, bold speculation, and human drama - a challenging and triumphant tale told by a master storyteller.

1998. Earth is falling apart, on the brink of ecological disaster. But in England a tachyon scientist is attempting to contact the past, to somehow warn them, of the misery and death their actions and experiments have visited upon a ravaged planet.

1962. JFK is still president, rock 'n' roll is king, and the Vietnam War hardly merits front-page news. A young assistant researcher at a California university, Gordon Bernstein, notices strange patterns of interference in a lab experiment. Against all odds, facing ridicule and opposition, Bernstein begins to uncover the incredible truth... a truth that will change his life and alter history... the truth behind time itself.

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Release date: 1980
Genres: science fiction
Tags: bsfa award, nebula award
Average rating: 5.50/10
Total ratings: 2
Updated: August 15, 2021