By the Grace of Todd - Louise Galveston

The laugh-out-loud story of a tiny civilization that worships its twelve-year-old creator

Hoarders-level messy Todd Butroche has accidentally done the unthinkable: he’s left a dirty, smelly sock under his bed for so many months that he’s created life through sheer grossness! The Toddlians — the civilization of tiny people who spring forth from Todd’s filth — worship their creator (aka Todd) as their god.

Unfortunately, the Toddlians may have put their faith in the wrong twelve-year-old. Todd is more interested — at least initially — in using his miniature disciples to gain popularity points than he is in serving as their protector. But when school bully Max Loving puts the future of the Toddlians in jeopardy, Todd will have to do everything in his power to save the race his charming messiness created.

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Release date: February 2014
Genres: fantasy, childrens
Updated: September 16, 2021