The Cutest Girl in Class - Quentin S. Crisp, Brendan Connell, Justin Isis

Vehicle for warped desire or major contribution to the modern novel, The Cutest Girl in Class steals the prosthetic hand of modern existence, gloves it in the leopard-skin of amazing style and idiom, and then proceeds to slap modern existence in the face with its own stolen hand.

Zak is a man who likes to play with dolls – Real Dolls. Clive is a boy longing for Marybeth, the girl next door. Now their disparate streams of lust and longing are about to cross, thanks to Thad, an aspiring, almost heartbreaking criminal, and Clive’s father, whose obsession with “inorganic women” endangers them all. A unique collaboration from Quentin S. Crisp (“Remember You’re A One-Ball!”), Justin Isis (I Wonder What Human Flesh Tastes Like) and Brendan Connell (Metrophilias), this serious novel with something serious to say is a lunatic three-headed dragon, equal parts rollicking caper, ribald farce and embittered love story. Fraught with double crosses and missing mannequins, this is Waiting for Godot meets Beach Blanket Bingo, the two of them falling in love and getting married in a church where the priest is John Waters.

A must have for all lovers of the written word.

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Release date: November 2013
Average rating: 10.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: January 15, 2017