Tau Ceti (Ell Donsaii, #6)
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Tau Ceti

by Laurence Dahners
Release date: December 21, 2012
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

“Tau Ceti" is the sixth in a series of near future SciFi/Thrillers whose young heroine Ell Donsaii has a nerve mutation which has made her a genius and an athletic phenomenon.

In “Tau Ceti!”, she is continuing to find uses for the quantum entangled wormholes that she has discovered. These wormholes aren’t big enough to send people through, yet they are making huge changes in our world.

Ell used one to send a small rocket to the third planet of Tau Ceti where it sends back images of intelligent but primitive beings that can fly!

While observing and occasionally trying to help a pair of these aliens, Ell continues to deal with the issues resulting from her fame as an athlete, a scientist, and as a beautiful woman. This makes her suspect every relationship.

Having a boyfriend is hard when he may just want you for who everyone else thinks you are.

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