Those Poor, Poor Bastards (Dead West, #1)
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Those Poor, Poor Bastards

by Tim Marquitz, J. M. Martin, Kenny Soward
Release date: July 2013
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, horror


September, 1868... SOMEWHERE IN THE SIERRA NEVADA, during the expansion of the Central Pacific Railroad, Nina Weaver and her pa, Lincoln, trundle into Coburn Station with a wagonful of goods they're looking to barter. Of all the rotten luck, their world — and the future of the American West — is forever changed when a sudden swarm of zombies invades town on the hunt for some human-sized vittles.

THOSE POOR, POOR BASTARDS is the first volume in the all-new Old Western Action-Horror series, "Dead West." From the deranged minds of Tim Marquitz, J.M. Martin, and Kenny Soward.

What folks are saying...

"Those Poor, Poor Bastards (the authors, as well as the book) prove that zombies and the West were made for each other, and that the undead fiends still have plenty of guts and action to offer." — Lincoln Crisler, author of WILD

"If there is a typical zombie fan, then I am probably not it. In fact, this was my first time reading about 'deaduns' and now I'm hooked! The story flowed with ease, the characters were vivid and most parts likeable, even the not-so-pleasant characters gain your respect and empathy towards the end. I loved the fact that it's set in the Wild West rather than modern times or some apocalyptic future. I would recommend Dead West to my friends, and am looking forward to book two!" — Sarah Fernandes, Advance Reader

"A Rip-Snortin', Ace-High addition to the walking buzzard-food genre. Marquitz, Martin, and Soward have a hit series on their hands!" — Paul Martin, Self-Publisher's Showcase

"Great zombie bashin', gut slingin' good time! You guys nailed it! I loved it, start to finish. Great job! By the way, if this was a graphic novel I would be buying it right now. Just sayin'." — Johnny Seabolt, Advance Reader

"Two parts bullets, three parts shambling undead, one part magic. All fast-paced Wild West action. Dead West takes you on a wild ride." — Becca Butcher, Advance Reader

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