The Swords of Night and Day (Drenai Saga, #11)
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The Swords of Night and Day

by David Gemmell
Release date: April 2004
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

A thousand years after they fell in battle, two heroes – Druss and Skilgannon – are revered throughout the war-torn lands of the Dernai, where men and women live in abject fear of the dark sorceress known as the Eternal...

But what if the soul of one such hero could be called back from the void, his bones housed again in flesh? An ancient prophecy foretold that Skilgannon would return in his people's darkest hour. To most, this was a foolish hope. But not so to Landis Kan. Having found Skilgannon's ancient tomb, he gathers up the bones and peforms the mystic ritual.

But the reborn hero is an enigma: a young man whose warrior skills are blunted and whose memories are fragmented. This Skilgannon is a man out of time, Marooned in a world as strange to him as a dream, remote from all he knew and loved. Or nearly all. Before bringing back Skilgannon, Landis Kan had experimented upon other bone fragments found in the hero's tomb. That ritual resulted in a surly giant who possessed astounding strength but no memories. To Kan, he is a dangerous failure. To Skilgannon, this giant represents their last hope.

As ageless evil threatens to drown the Drenai lands in blood, two legendary heroes will once again lead the way to freedom.

"The story flows like a torrent; and if the devil has all the best tunes, then the Damned definitely gets the best weapons." – Guardian

updated 2017-01-20

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