Mind Over Matter

by Ali Sparkes
Mind Over Matter (Unleashed #2) - Ali Sparkes 8.00   1

A group of special teenagers, each with an incredible power. They live together and learn how to use their abilities, protected from those who wish to harm them. Now, for one short week they are let out into the world, with strict instructions that they must not use their powers. But good intentions are easy ...following them through is a different matter. Gideon and Luke are spending some quality family time, playing at being normal teenagers for once. They have no real reason to use their telekinetic powers in the small seaside town, and there are enough bodyguards around to keep them safe, right? Wrong. Someone is stalking them. A man with the cool, calm air of a brutal killer and Gideon and Luke are in his sights.

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Release date January 2013
Details updated May 27, 2022

Unleashed :: Series

Series contains 5 primary works and has 5 total works.

A Life and Death Job (Unleashed #1) 8.00   1
Mind Over Matter (Unleashed #2) 8.00   1
Trick or Truth (Unleashed #3) 7.00   1
Speak Evil (Unleashed #4) 6.00   1
The Burning Beach (Unleashed #5) 6.00   1

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