The Rabbit Back Literature Society
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The Rabbit Back Literature Society

by Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen
Release date: November 2013
Original title: Lumikko ja yhdeksän muuta
Type: other fiction
Genres: magical realism
Tags: translation

“She came to realise that under one reality there’s always another. And another one under that.” Only very special people are chosen by children’s author Laura White to join “The Society”, an elite group of writers in the small town of Rabbit Back. Now a tenth member has been selected: Ella, literature teacher and possessor of beautifully curving lips. But soon Ella discovers that the Society is not what it seems. What is its mysterious ritual, “The Game”? What explains the strange disappearance that occurs at Laura’s winter party, in a whirlwind of snow? Why are the words inside books starting to rearrange themselves? Was there once another tenth member, before her? Slowly, disturbing secrets that had been buried come to light – In this chilling, darkly funny novel, the uncanny brushes up against the everyday in the most beguiling and unexpected of ways.


updated 2017-01-15

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Books are strange and wonderful things. On the surface, they are nothing more than tiny stacks of aging pages, each defaced by a perplexing pattern of black marks. Hold them the right way, however, and those black marks not only begin to take on meaning, but reveal entire worlds that cannot physically exist between pages. What's more, while the black marks themselves are fixed, their structure is fluid, revealing a new, subtly different world for each and every reader. It really is a sort of ... (more)
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