Still reeling from the events in Norland, the Shattered Kingdoms series returns to the Shadar, but danger and death are on the same path...

Lahlil - once known to all as the Mongrel, a feared, nameless warrior - has tried to escape the horror and blood strewn about her past, but now, faced with even greater recent destruction, she is at a loss. Hoping to save the life of the one she loves most, she once again must take refuge with the Nomadic Nomas tribe - bringing her full circle to her childhood spent just outside the Shadar.

And, in the Shadar, unrest reigns supreme. Though the Shadari managed to oust the Norlander regime through uprising, internal strife and rumors of an approaching plague are lending new terror, and their old enemy's ships have been seen back on the horizon. A leader is denounced for his failures, and an old Asha is installed in place - but is she planning on using her powers to help the Shadari, or just in service of an old, hidden vengeance...

In this stirring conclusion to the Shattered Kingdoms series, battles will be fought, relationships severed, and the wildest dreams of power are at stake - can Isa, Lahlil, Daryan, and Rho manage to bring peace without destruction of all they know and love?

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Release date: July 23, 2018
Genres: fantasy > high fantasy
Updated 2018-07-23