A Second Chance at Eden
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A Second Chance at Eden

by Peter F. Hamilton
Release date: 1998
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, short stories

From the author of the Night’s Dawn Trilogy, comes a novella and six stories set in the same brilliantly realized universe.

In 'Sonnie’s Edge', the popular sport of ‘beastie-baiting’ involves contests to the death between artificial monsters controlled through human affinity bonds. Sonnie’s team is particularly successful... but her monster, ‘Khanivore’, has one special advantage...

In 'A Second Chance at Eden', Eden is a bitek habitat which orbits Jupiter. Mining the fusion fuel on which Earth is dependant, it is a mini-nation of radical politics – and even more radical technology. Then its creator is murdered in full view of the whole opulation. But nobody can identify the perpetrator – or the motive.

In 'CandyBuds', The crime-lord Laurus rules Kariwak with an iron fist, jealously guarding control of the bitek trade. But when an astonishing new substance appears on the streets, virtual reality takes on an entirely new dimension.

Plus four other dazzling stories from the bestselling Peter F. Hamilton...

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A book of short stories, set in the same universe as the Nights Dawn trilogy, which I'll presume anyone interested in this book has read. The shorter book made for more concisely drawn characters. The stories each examined a speculative theme, whereas the trilogy touches on many, and they sometimes get lost among the sprawling plot. That said, these are more personal, less grand stories. So, more science fiction, less space opera.
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