Cursed Children of Naor
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Cursed Children of Naor

by Justyna Plichta-Jendzio
Release date: April 2014
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasydark fantasy + high fantasy

It is never too late to save your soul and redeem yourself of your offenses. If you reject the darkness, you will live forever in the lightness.

In the beginning, the highest god Onoris established laws governing Naor and gave the order for all to fight against the darkness. However, there are those deceived by the promises of Hodgorn, the lord of darkness, who let the darkness in their souls. They become cursed beings; the gods of lightness turn their faces away from them and close the gates of the bright palace upon them. The cursed ones are left in Naor and torment those who wish to protect their souls from eternal damnation.

However, evil does not want to let the lightness triumph, and it looks for its victims everywhere. It may chase a nobleman who is seeking his fortune in the severe lands of the far north; it may hide in the fog that envelops the mountains and the estates of a great lady. It can also wait patiently for centuries under the scorching desert sun for the opportunity to seize a weapon that will enable it to enslave the creatures of lightness.

But it all depends on Onoris’ creatures whether their souls will be devoured by the darkness or remain unblemished by evil.

updated 2017-06-20

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Reviews (7)

Eric avatar
Written by
There are three stories to 'Cursed Children of Naor' and each is wonderfully realized. Each story is connected with theme, mythology, and moderately setting. I have not read the first installments in Justyna's series but this book stands well on its own merit. A Son of the Wolf Pack gives an interesting take on fantasy with some horror elements sprinkled in. The story was very griping from start to finish and it left me second guessing myself as I tried to discern who the werewolf was. Shroud of ... (more)
Charles Kravetz avatar
Written by
This review is for the Kindle edition ebook. Disclosure: I was given my copy of this book by the author as a review copy. Three separate stories, one book, yet all three stories have a connection. Three horror stories, based on the evil in the land of Naor. the lord of darkness has taken over those left in Naor, and they will battle to keep the light out. Can Onoris' creatures win this battle over evil, or will they, too, be devoured by the children of Naor. I like ... (more)
Bob Milne avatar
Written by
The third in her series of dark fantasy collection, Cursed Children of Naor is another strong, entertaining read from Justyna Plichta-Jendzio. As was the case with the first two collections, the book is comprised of three stories connected by theme, mythology, and setting. A Son of the Wolf Pack opens the collection on a bit of a weak note. The werewolf take is an interesting mix of horror and fantasy, but it just seems too familiar. Fortunately, the typical red herrings as to who is the ... (more)
Daniel avatar
Written by
Justyna has proven herself to be a highly imaginative and skilled writer. With every book she writes she displays incredible attention to detail, character development and originality. Not only are her stories intriguing and her characters deep and diverse, they are all very original and exciting. They are also quite unpredictable, and after getting into these books you'll realize that you can never trust your initial assessments. As always, the author demonstrates that a lot of work went ... (more)
Larkin avatar
Written by
Cursed Children of Naor is the third in the series, but I have only read two of them. I found this one highly entertaining, and lost more than a little sleep while turning pages(electronically) later than I should have. As state in the description, there are three separate stories, each standing on it's own merit, while taking place in the same universe. The first takes place in a cold, forbidding north land, the second in a high mountainous region, and the last in a hot, arid and harsh ... (more)
E. VanZwoll avatar
Written by
In Naor, the Gods do not fight each other directly, but instead leave their children to battle: Both the Cursed Children as well as those who fight for the light. Cursed Children of Naor is actually the third book that Justyna Plichta-Jendzio has written in this universe, but you do not have to read the earlier books to enjoy this one. In fact, this one is broken up into three stories to show you three different stories, linked together by the themes of betrayal by those close to you and the ... (more)
Written by
A very well written set, three. stories set in the author's fantasy/horror world of Naor. A nobleman's hunting party is followed, harassed, by a werewolf. The second story, DRAGON'S RACE, finds a pair investigating a series of murders by an apparent spectral demon. The third has a man lost in the desert after fleeing the King's men and rescued by a magician. He's accompanied by a harpy and is destined to resurrect a dragon/magician. I liked the author's writing style, simple, direct, it caught me up and kept me reading. Recommended.
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