Web of Deceit (The Merlin Prophecy #3) - M. K. Hume

Also known as Hunting with Gods.

M. K. Hume's epic retelling of the legend of Merlin concludes in this gripping tale of loyalty, sacrifice and betrayal.

The earth-shattering conclusion to the legend of Merlin.

Returning from his epic journey to Constantinople, Myrddion Merlinus finds Briton in the grip of Uther Pendragon's blood-thirsty war against the Saxons. Coerced into obedience, Myrddion must serve Uther's brother Ambrosius, the High King, in order to spare the lives of his beloved fellow travellers.

Ambrosius is an honest and wise ruler and Myrddion's skills are put to good use setting up a spy network while training healers across the land. But when Ambrosius is poisoned, his untimely death propels Myrddion back into the callous hands of Uther Pendragon. The new High King will stop at nothing to force Myrddion to accede to his unthinkable wishes. Myrddion's only solace is the prophecy that his suffering is not in vain. But will he survive the taint of Uther's madness and enable good to come from evil?

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Release date: 2013
Genres: fantasy, history
Tags: arthuriana
Updated: August 27, 2021