by Cayla Kluver
Release date: 2012
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, young adult

This is not the time for the fight to end. Now is when the fight will begin. This is the time to regain what has been lost.

Alera Queen of a fallen kingdom, secretly in love with the enemy.


Daughter of a murdered father, rebel with a cause.

One lives behind the former Hytanican palace walls and walks the razor's edge to keep the fragile peace in her beloved homeland. The other slips through the war-torn streets, seeking retribution for her family's tragedy, following whispers of insurgency.

Both face choices that will separate them from those they cannot help but love. As their stories intertwine, a conspiracy ignites that may end in slavery or death — or lead to freedom anew, if only each can face what must be sacrificed.

(updated 2013-10-12)

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