Her Own Devices (Magnificent Devices, #2)
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Her Own Devices

by Shelley Adina
Release date: December 2011
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, alternate historysteampunk

If you like steampunk stories by Cherie Priest and Gail Carriger, you’ll love Her Own Devices, the sequel to Shelley Adina’s bestselling Lady of Devices.

Escaped lunatics, lost children, vengeful lords, and love. Really, the situation is becoming quite impossible.

Seventeen-year-old Lady Claire Trevelyan, left alone after the Arabian Bubble financial disaster claims home and family, now leads the cleverest gang in the London underworld. Between outwitting a rival gang, inventing a device that will net her and her scientist employer worldwide fame, and keeping her mother from marrying her off, she can almost forget that a powerful lord wants to get closer... and if he succeeds, can destroy it all with a single word...

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Magnificent Devices 4-book Bundle by Shelley Adina I initially obtained the first book Lady of Devices free and thoroughly enjoyed the story and the characters to the point of not being able to pass up the great bargain of the 4 book bundle. I thought if they were even only half as well done as the first I couldn't go wrong. I set them aside for a bit before getting to them, but when I started I couldn't put the whole group down until I finished. Lady Claire or Claire Trevelyan daughter of ... (more)
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