Brilliant Devices (Magnificent Devices, #4)
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Brilliant Devices

by Shelley Adina
Release date: February 2013
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, alternate historysteampunk

A lady of resources has the power to change the world — if she can stay alive long enough to do it.

Lady Claire Trevelyan had been looking forward to glittering balls, congenial society, and relief from pursuit during her stay with Lord and Lady Dunsmuir in the Canadas. Well, perhaps not entirely. Being pursued by a handsome airship captain is rather diverting, especially when it appears Andrew Malvern is becoming much too distracted by a certain blond mechanic.

But a shot fired in the night puts an end to such diversions, and instead plunges her and her orphaned band of children into a fight for their very survival. Between secret conversations at the highest levels of society and skullduggery in the diamond mines, Claire must discover who is behind a series of alarming attempts on her friends’ lives — before her mother is compelled to make funeral arrangements yet again.

(updated 2015-01-27)

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Magnificent Devices 4-book Bundle by Shelley Adina I initially obtained the first book Lady of Devices free and thoroughly enjoyed the story and the characters to the point of not being able to pass up the great bargain of the 4 book bundle. I thought if they were even only half as well done as the first I couldn't go wrong. I set them aside for a bit before getting to them, but when I started I couldn't put the whole group down until I finished. Lady Claire or Claire Trevelyan daughter of ... (more)
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