Time of the Twins - Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman7.60

Sequestered in the blackness of the dreaded Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas, surrounded by nameless creatures of evil, Raistlin Majere weaves a plan to conquer the darkness – to bring it under his control.

Crysania, a beautiful and devoted cleric of Paladine, tries to use her faith to lead Raistlin from the darkness. She is blind to his shadowed designs, and he draws her slowly into his neatly woven trap.

Made aware of Raistlin's plan, a distraught Caramon travels back in time to the doomed city of Istar in the days before the Cataclysm. There, together with the ever-present kender Tasslehoff, Caramon will make his stand to save Raistlin's soul.

Or so he believes.

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Release date: 1986
Genres: fantasy
Tags: dragonlance, dungeons & dragons
Average rating: 7.60/10
Total ratings: 278
Updated: August 19, 2021

Dragonlance Legends :: Series

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