The Dark Rose (The Four-Sided Pentacle #4) - Denise Rossetti

Even beautiful things cast dark shadows...

Rosarina of the Garden is the most famed — and desired — courtesan of her time. She is also a spy, the heir-apparent of Caracole’s Spymaster, sent on a deadly mission to Green IV. She cannot afford to trust anyone, least of all a man with his own agenda — and the ability to crack her cool composure.

Technomage Quintus is on Green IV to repair the great Machine that keeps that planet habitable. He doesn’t expect to encounter the Dark Rose again, but he’s a determined man. She’ll be a most pleasing lover... once he convinces her to accept his offer.

But there is more in play on Green IV than either know. The Necromancer is waiting for the perfect moment to exact his revenge. If Rose and Quin cannot learn to trust each other then the Necromancer will rule — and even love won’t be enough to save them.

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Release date: September 11, 2012
Genres: fantasy, romance
Updated: October 22, 2013