The Shadowmage Trilogy: Twilight of Kerberos Omnibus

by Matthew Sprange
The Shadowmage Trilogy: Twilight of Kerberos Omnibus - Matthew Sprange N/A

Forced onto the streets of Turnitia after the army destroys his home and murders his parents, Lucius Kane becomes an excellent thief, gaining notoriety in his new profession. Soon drawn into a war between rival thieves guilds, Kane fights for friends and profit but finds himself pulled into the darker and more mysterious world of the Shadowmage. Mercenary practitioners who combine stealth with magic, Shadowmages make the best scouts, infiltrators, spies... and assassins!

This stunning fantasy features a never before seen final part of the Shadowmage Trilogy, completing the saga of Lucius Kane.

A perfect place for new readers to begin!

Release date 2012

Details updated July 3, 2022

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Twilight of Kerberos :: Series

Series contains 11 total works.

Shadowmage N/A
The Clockwork King of Orl N/A
The Light of Heaven N/A
The Crucible of the Dragon God N/A
Night's Haunting N/A
The Call of Kerberos N/A
Engines of the Apocalypse N/A
The Trials of Trass Kathra N/A
The Shadowmage Trilogy: Twilight of Kerberos Omnibus N/A
Wrath of Kerberos N/A
The Thief of the Ancients: Twilight of Kerberos Omnibus 8.00   1