Wrath of Kerberos - Jonathan Oliver N/A

Silus Morlader and the crew of the Llothriall find themselves beached in the middle of a desert after a magical storm envelops their ship. Stranded with dwindling supplies and half their crew missing, Silus leads his companions across the harsh landscape in search of civilisation. What they find will change their view of the world forever. A new race reveals to Silus that his god, Kerberos, is not all he appears to be; that everything they understand about life on Twilight may be wrong. When the truth is finally told, Silus and his companions must fight their way across a dying world, facing Final Faith fanatics, orcs and dragons. They must find a way to deliver a very important message to Katherine Makennon, head of the Final Faith, before war tears Twilight apart.

Category: Fantasy

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Release date 2012
Details updated July 3, 2022

Twilight of Kerberos :: Series

Series contains 11 total works.

Shadowmage N/A
The Clockwork King of Orl N/A
The Light of Heaven N/A
The Crucible of the Dragon God N/A
Night's Haunting N/A
The Call of Kerberos N/A
Engines of the Apocalypse N/A
The Trials of Trass Kathra N/A
The Shadowmage Trilogy: Twilight of Kerberos Omnibus N/A
Wrath of Kerberos N/A
The Thief of the Ancients: Twilight of Kerberos Omnibus 8.00   1