Berserk: Volume 31

Kentaro Miura
fantasy, horror, comics
Berserk: Volume 31 (Berserk #31)

Escaping the port city of Vritannis is no easy task, for even the finest ship is useless if it can't be reached, and a horde of Kushan monsters stalks the city's docks. Led by a powerful necromancer who has mastered both the elements and the monsters of the deep, this hideous brigade may be too much for Guts the Black Swordsman and his companions to handle, even if Guts and Schierke are able to join forces and control the awful wrath of the Berserker armor. And will it even matter, if the Kushan emperor makes Guts an offer he can't refuse?

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Release date: September 30, 2009
Genres: fantasy, horror, comics
Updated 2017-01-19