The Walking Dead, Issue #65 (The Walking Dead (single issues) #65) by Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman, Cliff Rathburn 8.00   1

Glenn has been shot in his leg by Albert, one of the Hunters. Eugene cleans his wound and tries to stop the bleeding. Maggie asks if he needs peroxide, and he says yes. Eugene orders Gabriel to go get tea bags. Meanwhile, Rick tells Abraham to stay away from windows, but Abraham thinks that Hunters were just trying to scare them. Rick asks what they're after, and Abraham points at Dale, who's other leg has been removed. Andrea wonders why won't he wake up. Morgan takes Carl and Sophia into another room, and Gabriel arrives with a couple of tea bags. Eugene also needs a lit candle. He seals the wound, and tells Maggie to cover it with a bandage, while he goes to look after Dale. Maggie thanks him.

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Release date 2009
Details updated January 22, 2017