The Walking Dead, Issue #69 (The Walking Dead (single issues) #69) by Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman, Cliff Rathburn 8.00   1

Rick has made Abraham promise to shoot Aaron and Eric if they try anything. Abraham accepts and Rick gets back into the car. Andrea wonders why he's so strict about allowing new people into their group. Rick wonders the same, and Andrea thinks that makes him a good leader.
At night, Abraham says Aaron is really a good man, and there's nothing to worry about. Rick wants to believe it. In the morning, the group loads their truck with more supplies. Carl is happy about the twinkies, that they have found. Rick says in Safe-Zone, there might be more of them. Andrea says they're getting close.

Rick asks why did they stop, and Aaron responds it's safer to go around, so people could take a peek. They look down from the bridge they're on and see the road is filled with zombies. Rick asks if the place secured, and Aaron tells him there's nothing to worry about. A flare is fired into the sky, and Aaron says the supplyrunners might be in trouble.

Aaron asks if Eric saw the flare, and he did. They're about to pick the runners up, and Rick says he doesn't want to let them out of his sight. Eric stays with others, and Rick, Aaron and Abraham are going to get the possible survivors with their truck. The downtown is filled by zombies, and Aaron tells them the stop has to be quick. Aaron regonizes two of the runners, Heath and Scott, and Scott is laying on the ground.

Aaron runs to them, and asks what happened. Scott has fallen down, and broken his leg. Heath asks who are the new men are and Aaron introduces them. Rick asks what kind of chance Scott has if his leg is infected. Heath says Rick has Alexander Davidson written all over him. Aaron tells Rick to ignore him and says they have three doctors on their community. Zombies start to approach them, and Abraham tells everybody to help Scott to the van.

Aaron tells Abraham and Heath to drive motorcycles, and he, Scott and Rick will be on the van. Zombies are reaching the truck, until a little squad, led by man named Tobin, shoot the zombies. Heath is happy to see them. In the van, Aaron tries to convince Rick that they're good people. Tobin tells his squad to follow others. They escape.

Carl is wondering what is taking so long for them to come back. Andrea says it's been almost two hours, when they arrive back. Abraham informs Andrea about Scott's leg, and Eric promises to Heath to let everybody know about his leg. Everyone starts to leave, and Aaron informs them it will be only an hour.

They finally arrive to the Alexandria Safe-Zone's gates, and Aaron tells Rick he has made it. Everyone, specially Carl is excited about it. Carl asks his dad did he see this but he does not answer. Rick has a satisfied grin on his face.

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Release date 2010
Details updated January 17, 2017