The Walking Dead, Issue #77 (The Walking Dead (single issues) #77) - Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman, Cliff Rathburn N/A

Carl walks in on Rick talking to Lori on his phone, Rick tries to explain to Carl why he has the phone and why he was talking to Lori.

Despite the antibiotics which Glenn and Heath salvaged from a pharmacy, Scott dies from his injuries. His body is dragged out and Michonne hammers a large nail through his head so he will not reanimate.

Glenn argues with Maggie about not having sex. Maggie explains she is still coming to terms with her attempted suicide.

Andrea goes on a date but is unable to kiss the man because of her memories of Dale. As they are having dinner they see Pete Anderson walk by with a knife. Pete interrupts an argument between Douglas and Heath over whether Scott should have a funeral. Pete threatens to kill Rick. Regina gets between the two men and Pete slashes Regina's throat. Spencer jumps on Pete and asking why he did that, and he answers that it wasn't his fault. Rick pulls his gun then gets permission from Douglas to kill Pete.

Meanwhile, Derek and his group have heard the gunshot, and start heading towards the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Release date 2010

Details updated August 24, 2021

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