The Walking Dead, Issue #84 (The Walking Dead (single issues) #84) by Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman, Cliff Rathburn 7.50   2

Rick rushes to his house, with Carl, who had been shot in the eye by Douglas. He cries that Carl is all he has left, and Dr. Cloyd tells him to bring Carl to the bed. Denise says she'll have to use all electricity and lights, which will attract the zombies attention but she promises to do everything she can. Rick says he will drive the zombies back, and tells her not to let Carl die. Rick rushes out and kills zombies with his axe.

Outside the fences, Andrea is walking with Spencer. Andrea wonders what they're doing, and Spencer marvels that the main group is shooting guns. Andrea says they have to keep moving. She says they should meet Glenn and Heath, and tells Spencer to calm down, roamers can't get him. Spencer states he's not used to this, and Andrea commiserates.

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Release date 2011
Details updated November 7, 2013