The Prophet of Akhran (Rose of the Prophet, #3)
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The Prophet of Akhran

by Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman
Release date: 1989
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Since time began, twenty Gods have ruled all the universe. Though each God possessed different abilities, each was all-powerful within his realm. Now one of the Gods has upset the balance of power, leaving the others scrambling for control in the new order...

As the Great War of the Gods rages, it seems as though the terrible Quar, God of Reality, Greed and Law, will emerge the victor. Even the immortals have abandoned their mortal masters to join the battle above.

Trapped without their immortal servants on the shore of the Kurdin Sea, Khardan, Zohra and the wizard Mathew must cross the vast desert known as the Sun's Anvil – a feat no man has ever performed.

Like the legendary Rose fo the Prophet, the nomads struggle to survive the journey. If they succeed, they will face more than the combat with the enemy, for the Amir's hardened warriors are led by Achmed, the fiercest of men... and Khardan's brother.

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