Orion: Council of Beasts (Orion #3) - Darius Hinks

The final instalment in the Orion trilogy

Orion is dead, his mortal host killed before the forest king could resurrect. The halls of the wood elves are in ruins and Athel Loren has fallen under the corrupting shadow of Chaos. As the ancient accord between elf and forest collapses into conflict, daemons flock to the woodland domain, intent on creating a new Realm of Chaos in the heart of the Old World. As the seasons pass and Orion is finally reborn, he must rally all the defenders of the forest if any are to survive.

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Release date: May 2014
Genres: fantasy
Tags: warhammer
Updated: May 26, 2014

Orion :: Series

Belongs to the series Warhammer

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Orion: Council of Beasts (Orion #3)