by Yvonne Navarro
DeadTimes - Yvonne Navarro N/A

From DarkTales Publications, a brilliant, evocative novel of fantasy and terror from one of the major talents of the suspense novel, Yvonne Navarro. DEADTIMES is a disturbing,unforgettable tale.

One Woman... One Life... Nine Deaths...

Born of an accursed union between a white trapper and a Hopi maiden, Mae Johnson nontheless loves her life. She loves life so much, in fact, that in the sunset of her life she bargains with infernal powers for more. But Mae should have known better than to think she'd get a straight deal from the Devil...

"...gripping, excellent... A darkly captivating depiction of human cruelty and prejudice... compelling reading." - Hank Wagner, HELLNOTES MAGAZINE

Category: Horror

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Release date 2000
Details updated September 2, 2022
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