by Michael J. Sullivan
Antithesis by Michael J. Sullivan 8.50   2

Have you ever wondered about how the world would end?

No, well don't sweat it, most people don't and those that do figure it will come about due to a dramatic change in climate, a widespread disease, or war.  That's what we've been taught to believe and our brains are always eager for a rational explanation, but our minds weren't always so logical. There was a time when people believed in myths and magic, but in today's scientific age if it can't be proved, well it doesn't exist.

I was the same way until I met Winston Stewart. That was the day I learned to believe in much more than I could see - not the least of which is fate. Fate is an amazing thing. It put Ghandi in South Africa, Nelson at Gibraltar, Newton under the apple tree, and Winston Stewart on that train in Alexandria Virginia.

You don't know who Winston Stewart is? You will.

Category: Science Fiction

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Release date 2012
Details updated January 19, 2017
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