Master of Dragons (Dragonvarld Trilogy, #3)
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Master of Dragons

by Margaret Weis
Release date: October 2005
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

In Mistress of Dragons we were introduced to a world where political deception, greed, and avarice have lead to a violation of the “hands off” policy of the Parliament of Dragons concerning the affairs of men.

In The Dragon’s Son twins born out of violence and raised apart discover the secrets of their legacy and the plot to incite a war between dragons and men.

Now as the evidence of deceit, betrayal, and perdition is revealed to them, who will emerge as mankind's savior as the Master of Dragons?

A divided Parliament of Dragons where division and self preservation incite war and threaten the order of the ages.

A hidden stronghold where insidious and outlaw dragons hatch a race bent on the subjugation of all mankind.

The ancient city of Seth and its mystical order of warrior priestesses who have the power to fight back against the attacks of dragons.

The twins Marcus and Ven must unlock the secrets of these places and their own powers and overcome their own personal differences as they prepare to clash in a war that may pit brother against brother and dragon against dragon to determine dominion of the world and the survival of the fittest.

Master of Dragons is the epic conclusion of Margaret Weis's triumphant Dragonvarld trilogy, an epic of politics, war, and the delicate balance of the ways of dragons and men.

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