Sergeant Chip and Other Novellas

by Bradley Denton
Release date: May 2014
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, horror, short stories

With these three novellas, science-fiction, fantasy, and horror storyteller Bradley Denton takes you inside hearts and minds filled with violence, mystery, and magic — whose startling worlds are no more than half a step away from your own:

In the Hugo Award-nominated and Sturgeon Award-winning sf story “Sergeant Chip,” you’ll see war from the front lines... through the eyes of an enhanced soldier whose determination, skills, and loyalty are utterly unshakeable. But when Man makes a weapon of his own best friend, the consequences go far beyond what human generals can imagine.

In the International Horror Guild Award-nominated “Blackburn and the Blade,” the killer-protagonist of the cult-classic novel Blackburn returns in a tale of desire and blood that pits him against an implacable enemy who may even be a God. But what this enemy doesn’t realize is that in a battle against a God, it’s a Devil who has a fighting chance.

Finally, in the Edgar Allan Poe Award-nominated “The Adakian Eagle,” a young Army private stationed in the Aleutians in 1944 makes a gruesome discovery that may lead to his doom. His only hope lies with a tubercular fifty-year-old corporal, a former detective famous for his mystery novels. But detective skills may not be enough now, and both the young private and the old corporal could be at the mercy of dark sorcery wielded by an even darker soul.


  • Sergeant Chip
  • Blackburn and the Blade
  • The Adakian Eagle
updated 2014-05-22

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