On Silver Wings

by Evan Currie
Release date: September 2011
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionmilitary science fiction

In the future, mankind has colonized other worlds, mined asteroid belts, and sent ships so far into the blackness of space that light from their drives won't reach Earth for centuries. Through it all, life has been found in almost every system we visited and yet we've never encountered another intelligent species.

Until now.

When the Colony on the planet known as Hayden's World stops transmitting on their CASIMIR FTL system, a Solari Fleet Task Force is sent to investigate. When they arrive there are enough oddities in the situation that they in turn send in a special operations unit to contact the colonists and determine what happened.

Only one of those operators survives to make planet fall.

Sergeant Sorilla Aida finds herself against an alien force of unknown power and capability. Her only assets? A depleted suit of power armor, her rifle, basic kit, and a few hundred Hayden born civilians looking to take back their home.

Just what she was trained for.

On Silver Wings is an 81 thousand word novel.

updated 2016-10-13

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